"May Day" holiday Panshan scenic spot travel tips!

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Tianjin Panshan Scenic Area

Are you ready for the Panshan tour?
In order to enhance the enjoyment of experience, Panshan Scenic Spot offers warm tips:
1. Please bring the nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours;

2. Know the latest epidemic prevention requirements in advance, make an appointment to travel at different peaks, and avoid crowding, crowding and gathering;
3. Avoid medium to high risk areas within 14 days before travel; The 14-day travel code information of tourists who have a history of travel in areas outside Tianjin shall have an additional antigen test on site, and the negative antigen test shall be allowed to enter the scenic area.
4. Love yourself and your family by wearing a mask, measuring temperature and scanning code.
5. Pay attention to changes in weather and road conditions, timely increase or decrease clothing, and pay attention to driving safety.


The May Day holiday is coming soon

If I could take a trip filled with sunshine

It's delightful just to think about it

1 /

The hills and forests of May

This is a natural oxygen bar

With an eye full of green beauty, everything here is breathtaking.

Mountain and sea of clouds/straight shock the mind

The sky is close, the white clouds are close at hand

Boundless blue as if to clean the world turbidity gas, straight shock mind


Tianjin Panshan Scenic Area

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Located in the northwest of Jizhou District, Tianjin City, Panshan Mountain is a national 5A scenic spot.