Not spring, do not forget epidemic prevention! Panshan scenic area today orderly resumption of opening ~

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Tianjin Panshan Scenic Area

Based on the current epidemic prevention and control situation,
On the premise of strictly implementing epidemic prevention and control measures,
Panshan scenic area today orderly resumption of opening.

Visitors to the Panshan scenic area must

Show "Health Code" travel code

Scan "Place Code" and "Trip Card"

Take your temperature,

Wear a mask.

Keep spacing "one meter line"

The scenic spot strictly implements the requirements of district epidemic prevention work

Strive for the masses of tourists

Create a comfortable atmosphere for tourism

Panshan Scenic Area has made every effort to implement the epidemic prevention work in the scenic area. All the facilities and equipment inside and outside the scenic area and the public health environment have been destroyed, and the staff have been arranged to carry out real-time disinfection and take epidemic prevention measures to provide a healthy and safe environment for visitors.

Warm reminder

Friends of tourists

The outbreak is not over

At the same time

Still want to do good personal protection!


Tianjin Panshan Scenic Area

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Located in the northwest of Jizhou District, Tianjin City, Panshan Mountain is a national 5A scenic spot.