Mid-Autumn Festival travel, Panshan scenic spot remind you to pay attention to epidemic prevention and safety!

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Tianjin Panshan Scenic Area



The Mid-Autumn Festival holiday is coming soon

A lot of people do

Go out with friends and family

Come to Panshan to enjoy the cozy holiday time

So the Mid-Autumn Festival to Pan mountain should pay attention to what?

Xiaobian to sort out a mountain scenic spot

Precautions for epidemic prevention during the Mid-Autumn mini-holiday

To everyone ~

Wishing you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Eyes with beautiful scenery, enjoy endless freedom

1. Make an appointment to buy tickets

Wechat scan the QR code on the left or long press to identify the QR code to book tickets in advance.

Panshan Scenic Spot strictly implements the relevant requirements, according to the flow limit requirements, control the daily reception volume of 50%, time-sharing reservation scenic spot tickets from 7:00 am to 12:00 am, limited to 20000 tickets; From 12:01 PM to 17:00 PM, limited to 19,000 tickets. If you buy the reserved ticket in the morning, you need to check in before 12 noon.

Before traveling, you should know the relevant ticket information of the scenic spot, be ready to make an appointment to buy tickets in advance, and carry the relevant certificates and "pass code".
Please note: The scenic spot adopts the real-name reservation and ticket booking system. Please bring your ID card or relevant valid proof of identity information (passport, household registration book, etc.) with you when visiting the scenic spot.

After arriving at the scenic spot, protective safety measures must be fully prepared. To master the knowledge of epidemic prevention and control, wear masks in public places where people gather in scenic spots. At the same time, it is impossible to avoid eating out when traveling. Everyone must pay attention to food hygiene.

Tianjin Panshan Scenic Area

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Located in the northwest of Jizhou District, Tianjin City, Panshan Mountain is a national 5A scenic spot.