Panshan Scenic Spot: pay attention to the safety of production and create a good tourism environment

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"Double holiday" is the peak period for tourists to concentrate on travel and tourism. In order to ensure the safety of production in the scenic area, Panshan Scenic area has done a good job in the implementation of various safety precautions, earnestly do a good job in production safety during the holiday, prevent and curb the occurrence of various production safety accidents, and ensure the safety of people's lives and property.

 Strengthen the regulation of scenic spot of production safety, supervise and guide the scenic area departments should earnestly implement the safety production liability, in-depth to carry out the safety in production major inspection and audits since change work, a comprehensive screening potential safety hazard, the scenic spot all departments and all epidemic prevention point need actively to strengthen the emergency duty, create positions a person, found that the problem report in a timely manner, timely rectification, left a variety of measures for safety production of fine.

Panshan Scenic area to further strengthen the safety supervision of the scenic area, strictly guard, prevent the occurrence of safety supervision "blind area" and "dead corner", do a good job of their own safety production work, strengthen the education and training of practitioners, enhance the safety awareness of the scenic area, to provide security for holiday tourism.


Tianjin Panshan Scenic Area

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Located in the northwest of Jizhou District, Tianjin City, Panshan Mountain is a national 5A scenic spot.