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Qianlong had a special liking for panshan mountain. Since the beginning of qianlong's fourth year (1739), he had climbed panshan mountain 32 times in 28 years. At most, he had visited panshan mountain three times in one year. When he became the supreme emperor and was 87 years old, qianlong went to panshan mountain for the last time. In terms of the number of visits by the emperor, there is probably no other mountain in the country. Wang shizhen, a poet of the qing dynasty, wrote about panshan mountain: "in the sea, the famous mountains are spoken of. Since the tang wenhuang zhubi mountain, liaojin emperor in the possession of different. True true of Tony Blair, true true of Tony Blair, true true of Tony Blair All the famous yue dare not hope." Spoke at that time the pan mountain in the national famous mountain in the prominent status.



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